World Super Bike Rider

by admin on April 21, 2002

Engine: BMW
999 cc inline-four liquid-cooled
Injection: Dellorto
Gears: 6 gears
Ales x race 80 x 49,7
Compression: 14:1
Lubrication: immersion pump
Horsepower: over 200 14.000 laps

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Weight: 162 kg

Shock absorbers: Ohlins
Front: 44 mm Inverted Fork
Back: TTX

Brakes: Brembo
Front: 320 mm 4-pistons double disc
Back: 220 mm 4 Brembo pistons single disc

Wheel: OZ Racing
Front wheel 16,5 x 3,25
Back wheel 16 x 6,25

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