by admin on May 12, 2003

Name: Ruben Xaus
Date of birth: 18th of February 1978
Birthplace: Sant Cugat del Valles,
Catalunya (SPA)
Nationality: Catalan
Residence: Anyòs (La Massana), ANDORRA
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Stato civile: Sposato con Mariona
Children: Julia, Paula
Hobbies: Extreme sports
First Grand Prix: 1995

Championship: <<
Moto <<

Speed and racing give me an exhilarating adrenaline rush. I am made this way. Ever since I was a boy, I used to watch the bikes and dreamt that one day I will become a rider. At fifteen, I was already racing, I was fast and I was winning but I used to get hurt a lot as well. I grew up watching the Superbike champs and, just like they did, I used to race almost everywhere. In Spain, Germany, all over Europe. Until my dream came true: racing for Ducati.

Those were the greatest years of my career. I almost won the WSBK. Later on, I raced in the MotoGP which helped me mature but was not fit for me. In 2006, I returned to WSBK. I competed for three years with team Sterilgarda Go Eleven and got back to winning ways. I’m with BMW now.
It’s a real challenge for me as the bike is quite new. I will first have to make it adapt to my racing style and sooner or later I’ll be fighting for the title

1997 World Supersport 17th
1998 World Supersport 51st
1999 World Supersport 5th – 5 podiums
2000 World Supersport 7th – 2 podiums
2001 World Superbikes 6th – 6 podiums
2002 World Superbikes 6th – 10 podiums
2003 World Superbikes 2nd – 15 podiums
2004 MotoGP World Championship – 1 podium
2005 MotoGP World Championship 16th
2006 World Superbikes 14th
2007 World Superbikes 6th – 2 podiums
2008 World Superbikes 10th – 2 podiums 


2009 Championship

I love challenges. It’s then that I give 111%. BMW offered me this great chance to bring their prestigious brand on top of the WSBK. We have the ingredients to do well: a great manufacturer and a valuable staff.

This will definitely help us compete with the greats and I’m confident we can get better. Nevertheless, this year is very competitive with 7 manufacturers and many great riders.

Every race will be hard-fought but I’ll be out there and both the team and I will set higher and higher goals all the time.